The Premier Club Plan affords you the opportunity to access and apply for grants locally, which renders support with rearranging your programs, so you can apply nationally. 

By attending a two-day workshop, you will gain hands on, up close and personal experience in what is necessary to become successful in the grant application process.

With our online support, you will also gain access to an automatic 60 days window of time to search for grants that are in line with your mission and vision.

The Premier Club Plan is designed to give you instant and quick support for a short period of time.  If upgrading is something that is within your vision, you may do so at any time.

Your Premier Club Plan Membership will include a master grant layout tailored to your industry preference.  After the 2nd day, yare are expected to apply for your first grant and you will be given a company to apply with directly.  It is required of every individual to attend and successfully a workshop, so they will be knowledgeable as to how to be successful to apply for grants in our system.

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 $349.99 Annually

This Covers:

Premier Annual Membership

Reference Verification

Field Agent Certification

Master Grant Layout

Test & Quizes